About me


My name is Eyal Roth, 36 years old. Born in Israel and spent the last nine years of my life in Berlin. More then eight of these years I have spent as a tour guide and a “city expert”.                I’m currently studying for a Masters degree in Holocaust studies and communication at the Touro college in Berlin.

I’ve also completed a Masters degree in Biology in the Humboldt University of Berlin.

My interest in the Jewish topic is closely connected to my own heritage as a European Jew and the grandson of four holocaust survivors.


Picture by: Heike Steinweg

My guiding:

It is my belief that deepening our understanding of such complex issues only takes place through discussion and constant questioning.

I’m very much aware that these topics might also provoke an emotional response and that it’s my job to facilitate this and give space for it within the tour.

I’m also a proud member of the Berlin guide association



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