The Memorial at Sachsenhausen

Tours in the Memorial to the concentration camp Sachsenhausen

In addition to my tours in Berlin, i also offer a tour of the memorial at the former concentration camp Sachsenhausen (Certified guide).

Sachsenhausen was one of the major concentration camps in Germany (built 1936) and was used as a model for other camps that were built before and during the second world war.

A visit to the camp is a voyage to the “heart of darkness” of the Nazi regime, its ideology, it’s order and it’s cruelty.

We will learn about the different classes of prisoners, their treatment, the perpetrators and about methods of mass murder that were tested and employed there.

Near the camp we could also visit the still standing and completely in tact IKL (Inspectorate of the concentration camps) where all the camps in the Reich were being overseen and controlled. A building from which, among many other atrocities,  the orders for the gassing of Jews in Auschwitz Birkenau originated.

The former camp is located in the town of Oranienburg about 30 minutes outside of Berlin and is reachable by public transport or taxi from Berlin.

The tour of the camp would take about five hours and is not recommended to kids under 14.

Contact me for further information about this tour.

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