Other tours in Berlin

In addition to the Jewish tour of Berlin, I also offer many other interesting tours in the city:


The Brandenburg Gate

The introductory tour of Berlin

This is ideally the first tour to take in the city, where you could visit the main tourist attractions and to get some much needed historical background.

We will be walking through the different parts of town and try to put some order in the otherwise chaotic history of Berlin.

Berlin has been through a lot of turmoil in its ~700 years of existence: from a sleepy fisherman’s village to the capital of the Prussian kingdom. Under Kaiser Wilhelm Berlin became the capital of unified Germany (1871). After the First World War (1918) Berlin became the capital of a democratic Germany for 14 year after which (1933) it sees the rise of the Third Reich. During World War Two Berlin is subjected to heavy aerial bombardment on an almost daily basis, leaving it in ashes when the war is over (1945). After the war Berlin was divided between the victorious allies. The reunification of Berlin took place in 1989 – 1990 after the fall of the infamous Berlin wall.

All these different periods in Germany’s history left their mark on the city of Berlin. In this tour we will see a few sites and tell the story of how they fit in to the story of the city.

Amongst other sites, we will be visiting: the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, the Hitler bunker, the topography of terror exhibition, remnants of the Berlin wall, Check point Charley and the museum island.

A tour to the Memorial at the Sachsenhausen Conentration camp.

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A tour following the Berlin wall

After the Second World War, Berlin as well as the rest of Germany was divided between the victorious allies. The eastern part given to the Soviets where as the western part was given to the western powers (England, France and the US). This division was one of the first acts of what was then becoming the “cold” war. The wall dividing the city in two and was one of the harsher symptoms of what this “cold” conflict had in store.

In this tour we will go through the story of the cold war and the Berlin wall. We will see some of the wall`s remnants that are scattered around the city and discus escape attempts as well as the circumstances that led to the downfall of the wall.




R.A.W gelende

The Alternative Berlin Tour

Because of Berlin’s former status as a divided and relatively poor city, there was a lot of opportunity for artistic development among the empty (low or no rent) spaces in the city, and a very tolerant administration. In many different corners of the city you can still notice today that Berlin has its unique style and a refreshing way to treat urban space. Berlins artistic scene has been largely under pressure from gentrification, resulting in counter movements that are still very active today.

In this tour we will visit the less “touristy” sites of the city: see some brilliant street art, visit an old airport that was turned in to a public park, behold a monumental soviet memorial a deserted factory turned in to a lively art market and more.


Bike tours

All the above mentioned tours can also be done on bike. Bike tours are a fast and fun way to get to know this exciting and mostly flat city. You can see much more in much less time and enjoy the fresh Berlin wind in your hair.

So Contact me now and lets go on a Tour.

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